Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Do not fall for Fakes

Again Before I begin, let me start the post with a statement that I have never collected Champion Pro-Cut jerseys. Due to their high cost points, it is easy to counterfeit. As mentioned in my previous post, there are two kinds of counterfeits, both subtle and obvious. These knock-offs that originate from China (or any other country) featuring Champion threads are clearly counterfeits. Subtly fakes would be a legitimate Champion jersey, which is blanked, and a third party use a player’s name/number to it. These are some examples of fake and real Pro-Cuts.
Jock Tags & Sizing

The jersey should match the exact measurements of each player and fit their specific requirements specific to the particular season. It is my preference to make use of Michael Jordan as an example since his jersey size is the most well known. A Pro-Cut Michael Jordan Bulls jerseys from the 1990s will weigh 46 inches, with the length of his body being 3. click here