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In all of the galleries that I post If you click the jersey you want to see an extended image, you’ll find that I’ll provide the year in which that specific style of jersey was issued for every player. But when you are collecting, if you want to identify more precisely the season a particular jersey was released in, you can look at the tags and labels used to discover the date that Champion made a particular shirt. For example, Champion produced thousands of Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jerseys between 1991-1992 and 1997-1998. replica football jerseys best replica nba jerseys For a collector, it might be important to have an early or first issue Jordan road jersey. Because they generally look the same and have the same color, how do you know what year the particular Jordan jersey came from Champion’s manufacturing line? If you’re in search of an item that can be dated and this article can help you to identify the obvious traits like style/color as well as graphic logos/logos of the team. nhl jerseys website