Gem Faire review: Top 5 suggestions for buying wholesale at a crystal show

Gem Faire is one of the largest crystal, bead and jewelry shows across the US. wholesale crystals and stones They host nearly 50 events throughout the year. They visit cities like California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Oklahoma. crystal beads for jewelry making Costa Mesa, at the Orange County Fairgrounds is home to the biggest Gem Faire. It was the first time I went to that festival, a few years prior to the time my Etsy shop launched. crystal stone I bought wholesale crystals only from online vendors. (Check out some of my favorites in the Wholesale Crystal Supplier List.)
Buying crystals online has many benefits. One disadvantage is you aren’t able to touch the stones or look them up by yourself before buying them.That’s why I took a trip to the Gem Faire in Santa Rosa, CA – I was looking to purchase exclusive pieces to sell in my store at a fair price and locate less popular materials.