Places to Buy Healing Crystals Wholesale

I often look to purchase wholesale crystals from gem shows where I am able to pick the crystals individually.

However, every now and again I’ll do an order on a catalog for items like tumbled stones in bulk, massage wands, or and unique items.

They are top-quality! I have ordered them frequently , as well as a couple of times each year.

crystal wholesale suppliers But they all play their part in helping me locate just what I’m looking for!

These wholesale crystal sellers can be a good starting point if your intention is to grow the crystal supply base of your business or to purchase crystals for your Reiki or crystal healing or massage-related business.

Here are my top picks wholesale crystals. Also, I have few recommendations by Love & Light students. LAST UPDATE January 18, 2002.

If you’re looking for the best places to purchase crystals online if there’s no business, click here.